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[CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities
From: k1ttt@berkshire.net (David Robbins)
Date: Wed Jan 10 23:45:05 2001

Ron Wetjen wrote:
 > Fellow Contesters,
 > The Amateurs of Florida have, for the past couple of months, taken
 > lot's of ribbing and abuse over the Election fiasco in our state
 > ... many, MANY comments were made to us during the 10 Meter Contest!
 > While we had no control over those events, the members of the Florida
 > Contest Group will make an attempt to "do good", and are organizing
 > a massive CW NAQP effort to say "We're Sorry".  We will also make a
 > special certificate available, for those who make 25 QSO's with FCG
 > members during the CW NAQP.

but who is doing the counting? and recounting??

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