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[CQ-Contest] January 2001 NAQP CW Announcement

Subject: [CQ-Contest] January 2001 NAQP CW Announcement
From: k6zz@ccis.com (Bob Selbrede)
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:08:15 2001
Hi Folks,

Just a quick heads-up that the January 2001 NAQP CW Contest is approaching
rapidly (this Saturday).  NAQP SSB is the following weekend.  Please
remember to pre-register your teams; CW to me, K6ZZ and SSB to Bruce,
WA7BNM.  Complete rules, log submission requirements, forms and other info
can be obtained from the NCJ Web Site at:


The August 2000 CW Results will be in the Mar-Apr 2001 issue of the NCJ but
you can take peek at them on the NCJ Web if you wish!  They're on the NCJ
Web in Adobe Acrobat format at the following URL:


Bruce, WA7BNM will post the link for the August 2000 SSB Results within the
next week as well.

********** Important Reminder **********

Remember that the Power Limit for NAQP Contests has been changed to a
MAXIMUM of 100 Watts!!  Please remember to throttle back your 150W-200W
transceivers to more than 100 Watts out:)


73, Bob K6ZZ

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SSB NAQP Stuff to:  ssbnaqp@ncjweb.com

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