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[CQ-Contest] Modeling a Beverage with EZNEC

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Modeling a Beverage with EZNEC
From: k4oaq@mindspring.com (Fritz Reuning K4OAQ)
Date: Wed Jan 10 21:10:08 2001
Is there anybody out there willing to share EZNECs  ".ez" file with me that
has the parameters for a Beverage?   Obviously I'm a little shy on the
technical side, or I wouldn't be asking the question.  I'm interested in
playing arnd with a short (260ft) single wire Beverage, terminated &
un-terminated. I've downloaded EZNEC 3.0 Demo, but will pay up if that's
the only way to model a Beverage.

Many tks & 73,

Fritz K4OAQ

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