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[CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities
From: wd4ahz@gte.net (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Thu Jan 11 04:07:27 2001
Dale L Martin wrote:

 > For those of us in the rest of the country that is not FL and wanting
 > to make sure the instructions are clearly understood before we punch
 > ...er...work FCG stations in the NAQP, am I correct in understanding
 > that one could work as few as five FCG members and be eligible for
 > the award?

Yep ... QSO's with the same station can be counted on each band (maximum
6 QSO's per station) ... or 25 different stations on 1 band!!  Any
combination you can come up with.  If we have to, we'll do a recount to
make sure each QSO is counted correctly!

We're hoping the majority of Florida activity will be FCG members.
Once we find out which FCG members were on, we'll post the list of

Good luck and have fun!


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