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[CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities
From: k8cc@mediaone.net (k8cc)
Date: Thu Jan 11 11:50:48 2001
At 01:51 PM 1/10/01 +0000, Ron Wetjen wrote:
 >While we had no control over those events, the members of the Florida
 >Contest Group will make an attempt to "do good", and are organizing
 >a massive CW NAQP effort to say "We're Sorry".  We will also make a
 >special certificate available, for those who make 25 QSO's with FCG
 >members during the CW NAQP.

If I get on the air during NAQP, but don't work any FCG members, will the
logcheckers examine my log and determine that I intended to and give me credit?


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