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[CQ-Contest] Higher VS Lower

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Higher VS Lower
From: eu1sa@belsonet.net (Vladimir V. Sidorov)
Date: Fri Jan 12 12:45:37 2001
 >(2)  In any situation, foreground is important. Generally the first
 >is to get the radiator in the clear and away from other objects.

 >(5) There may be little advantage in having a horizontal antenna on a tall
 >mast on top of a hill, especially for the higher bands.
 >I am sure there are others on this reflector with better knowledge of these
 >matters than me, and I would be interested to hear from them.

My neighbour used to work /UA0K from quite a high location and where the
soil is extremely dry. It means, this is the place where the ground does not
act as foreground. All his tries with various kinds of antennas were in
vain, the air was almost silent and nobody could copy him until he installed
sloppers, just slopped dipoles. Since than he was easily accessing the whole
world, and Japan, West Coast and the entire Pacific became his domicals. He
was running JA up to 5 QSO/min with less than 100 W.

"Walt", EU1SA

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