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[CQ-Contest] NAQP/Chad/Florida Contest Group

Subject: [CQ-Contest] NAQP/Chad/Florida Contest Group
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Sun Jan 14 16:38:51 2001
K7SV writes:

 > Our friend K4OJ always seems to come up with a unique name in these
 > things, but it was interesting to see that he got 95 percent of the
 > FL entrants to participate in this one! NP4Z was even using Chad!

tnx - but most of the credit should go to the members of the Florida Contest
Group and definitely WD4AHZed.  Ron, AHZed  orchestrated this activity!
Yes, I helped stir up the troops, sure...but this event had "fun" written
all over it...unfortunately our President K1TO is out of town so as
ex-president I substituted as "Dubya" - this probably helped "Al" to win
Florida :-) - jus kiddin'

The Florida Contest Group has had the good fortune to have grown quite a bit
in recent years, and since a lot of you readers could be retiring in Florida
we feel that skills like playing multiple bingo cards and contesting are
part of the fun Florida culture and feel that we should foster these skills
with pro-Florida good will efforts.  The NAQP is a fun contest, a good fit
for the Florida lifestyle - short enough that it is possible to re-structure
other weekend activities around - like catching the early bird special or a
round of golf...it is just too cold for a trip to the beach right now!

After putting it to a vote we went for the Chad teams, and spent over a week
in anticipation as to how it would take!

I got a LOT of ".... .." 's, as well as repeats,  with Dubya and I know the
Chads all did, two.  For reference the Florida Contest Group currently has
two honorary members, W3AU and NP4Z...hence NP4Zeds signing of "Chad".

We will be promoting a similar activity for SSB, and hope to catch some of
you then!

Stay tuned for details on the WAC, Worked All Chads, award - available to
any station that worked 25 members of the FCG in the NAQP - details should
be posted on CQ-Contest Reflector tomorrow.

Thanks to all the non-FCG members for letting us have some fun, too!  And a
special thanks to WD4AHZed for handling the organization of this operating

Lest I forget...only 104 days until the Florida QSO Party, check out the
details at:


If you are a contester thinking of moving to Florida or are already here and
want to learn more about contesting please check out the Florida Contest
Group website, it is at:


If you will be in Orlando next weekend on Sunday the 21st please join us at
our holiday brunch - contact me for details!

Happy New Year!

Jim, K4OJ

FCG...its not a job, its an adventure!

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