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[CQ-Contest] Narrow SSB filtering for contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Narrow SSB filtering for contesting
From: g4piq@btinternet.com (g4piq@btinternet.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 15:19:30 2001
In a message dated 1/15/01 4:16:11 PM Pacific Standard Time,
Rob.Hammond@eu.sony.com writes:

  > I was thinking of upgrading both
  >  Radios with INRAD's Crystal filters for SSB , They offer a variety of
  >  different widths. Can you go too narrow ? . What would be the best choice

  >  for contesting ?

I went through the debate of whether to get the 2.1 kHz set or the 1.8 kHz 
for an FT1000MP
about a year ago. I took advice from the group and there was about a 50/50 
between the two
options. I plumped for the 2.1 kHz option on the basis that the skirts should
be steep enough to allow
the SHIFT/WIDTH control to give me the extra coverage down to 1.8 kHz and 
Also I had
spent a lot of time in the past using a pair of Yaesu 2.0 kHz in FT1000Ds and
felt that the
constrained audio response (and maybe passband ripple - never measured it 
but didn't
look very even on CW) was making for a higher than wanted busted call rate 
- that's my excuse!).

Having now used the pair of 2.1 kHz filters in CQWW SSB I actually wish I'd
gone for the 1.8 kHz
option. The slopes are not steep enough to compensate and I didn't find the
ability to kill QRM off the
sides as good as the 2.0 kHz Yaesu pair in the old FT1000D.

As an aside, on CW, I added a 400 Hz 455 kHz IRC filter to the existing 500
Hz Yaesu 8.2 MHz
filter and this is excellent - much better than another FT1000MP with the Yaesu
500 Hz pair. I must
compare the SSB performance across the two rigs.


Andy Cook, G4PIQ.

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