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[CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp
From: wally@el-soft.com (Dr. Valeri Stefanov)
Date: Tue Jan 16 20:57:57 2001

ACOM is now manufacturing and have for sale a device which allows two
radios to be used with one ACOM 2000 A amp. We have used such
configuration at LZ5Z during the last CQ WW SSB at one of the operating
places. This device plus an automatic antenna
switch gives you a chance to switch radios with one amp without any
problems and also to jump on different bands almost instantly. Device
makes so that you can not burn the front end of the stand by radio. The
disadvantage of such system is that one can not listen simoultaneously
on the stand by radio while transmitting on the first radio.
You may ask at ACOM Inc. USA about this system. As far as I know it is
currently available for use with YAESU radios only.( we used it with
FT847 and FT 900).

73's de Wally LZ2CJ

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