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[CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp
From: k9tm@buckeye-express.com (K9TM)
Date: Tue Jan 16 20:19:38 2001

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp

 > ...
 > The
 > disadvantage of such system is that one can not listen simoultaneously
 > on the stand by radio while transmitting on the first radio.
 > ...
 > 73's de Wally LZ2CJ

Thus this renders this useless for SO2R as the entire point is to be able to
find your next Q while working the current guy (or other variations that
involve the use of the other-radio).  This is no more useful than the folks
who started the string about using sub-receivers instead of using 2 actual
radios (the sub is muted while in xmit).

The reality becomes, you need more than one amp (or go low-power and forget
the amps).  In simple terms you could drive 1 amp from multiple radios...
but to do it at a level to be able to compete is very doubtful.

BTW, even the 87A lets you send it commands on the serial port to tell it to
tune to a band segment rather than waiting to sample the RF.  There is no
special advantage by the ACOM.

The other thing I have wrestled with is that everyone I know with 87A's have
had problems.  I tend to lean in the direction of 6 seperate multiband amps
that can be switched.  This affords the most flexability and one can easily
purchase 6 AL1200's for the cost of 2 87A's or 2 Acom's.  Go with used
AL1200's or the like and save money.

The other thing to consider with the solid state jobs is that I don't think
any of them put out 1500 watts like the 87A or Acom or other amps (if you
know of one that does, let me know).  Why go to all that expense to get
600-1000 watts out?  The other problem is matching with the solid state
amps.  Yeah I know some of them have built-in antenna tuners but there is
more delay.  They are quiet though!

73 Tim K9TM

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