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[CQ-Contest] February QST arrives

Subject: [CQ-Contest] February QST arrives
From: K4tmc@aol.com (K4tmc@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 20:02:04 2001
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Recovering from a fast-paced-non-stop family trip to Disney World over the
weekend, I made it by the PO box on the way to work this morning and was
rewarded with the latest issue of QST.  Luckily the charge card bill that
also arrived only included Christmas Holiday expenses and not the Disney
trip; that will be next monthâ?¦ugh!

Front cover photo collage of the FO0AAA, Clipperton Island DXpedition, with a
feature article inside.

Contest related items:
Correspondence â?? a letter titled â??Where Is Courtesy?â??; first sentence 
â?? â??I
am disappointed to see ,â?¦, another article on,â?¦, contesting.â?? (hope 
provides a good response to this one)
A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Modeling With NEC, Part 4, Loads & Transmission Lines
(de W4RNL)
How to Maximize Your Receiverâ??s Effective Selectivity, Part 1
A Journey to Sweepstakes, could contesting attract more young people to
amateur radio? (oh no!, another contesting article!)
Test Your Knowledge! (de N0AX) â?? A Winterâ??s Basket of Problems (some
interesting situations)
Short Takes â?? Array Solutions Swinging-Gate Side Mount; Logikey K-3 Memory
Keyer; and ChromaSound (DSP program for Windows)
Raise Your Tower Without Breaking Ground! (use of digital imaging technology
to see what it will really look like to the neighbors)
Hints & Kinks â?? hardline connectors, schematic drawing software, & KT-34XA
antenna boom/mast coupler failure
Product Review â?? Icom IC-PW1 Linear Amplifier

Other interesting items:
â??It Seems To Usâ?¦â?? (editorial) â?? More Than QST (as in â??ARRL isâ??)
The Worldâ??s Smallest Code-Practice Oscillator (construction project)
Hilbre Island, IOTA EU-120 (IOTA DXpedition)
Clipperton 2000 (cover story)
An HF Mobile Installation, Step By Step
Help Desk â?? The Art of Soldering
Product Review â?? Icom IC-R3 Communications Receiver (handheld unit, you can
even watch TV!)
Howâ??s DX â?? Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros, D6

New ARRL book â?? Yagi Antenna Classics (collection of articles from QST, NCJ,
QEX, & other ARRL publications)

And moreâ?¦

Hope everyone is having a great new year and new millennium.

73 & High Rates,
Henry Pollock â?? K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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