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[CQ-Contest] 87A question

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 87A question
From: AD6E@aol.com (AD6E@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jan 18 13:30:28 2001
Interesting thread about switching amps in SO2R. If I wern't suffering from a
serious infection of lackoftimus, I'd finish my own SO2R set up and try some
of this out myself.

With regard to the 87A operation, does anyone how fast the amp can recognize
that its on the wrong band? In my SO1R use, I usually hit the key with a
single dit when I change bands and thats enough to measure the frequency and
start the wheels turning. My question is: did that dit ever get transmitted
.. even at low power? If I didn't give it a dit, how much of my first
character would be muted because the amp doesn't yet know its on the wrong
band? It must take a while to actually measure the frequency and kick in the
QRP bypass.  I know its quick, but how quick?

It seem obvious that the proper way to do SO2R1A is to program the 87A from
the computer to the new band based on the "which radio" command in the
logging software. I'm not far enough into this yet to even think about how to
do that, or even if I should. As pointed out already, an even better way is
to use two amps.

Thanks, & 73,
Al  AD6E

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