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[CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Two radios - one amp
From: K3BU@aol.com (K3BU@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jan 22 10:08:28 2001
In a message dated 1/21/2001 8:58:51 PM Eastern Standard Time,
g4buo@compuserve.com writes:

 >  For a major contest I make a point of doubling up on most
 >  important elements of the station, including antennas
 >  where possible, because (unlike some single ops) if
 >  something breaks I'm the only person on hand to fix it
 >  and I don't want to lose any more time than is absolutely
 >  necessary before getting back on the air.
 >  Dave G4BUO

Ditto here,
plus it helps to switch between two amps/radios while running to let the
other rigs take a breather and cool off a bit in S/P mode.
It seems cheaper to have two amps rather than one super-duper automatic
expensive autoswitching amp. The second amp can be of around $500 variety and
be ready to take over when the #1 amp goes up in smoke. Switching system that
allows to select any radio, through any amp to any antenna is a big help and
allows great flexibility in managing all key pieces of contest station.

Yuri, K3BU
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