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[CQ-Contest] Homebrew boom mic question

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Homebrew boom mic question
From: boerkamp@nortelnetworks.com (Ted Boerkamp)
Date: Mon Jan 22 12:43:25 2001

Hello All.....
                  I am in the process of modifying a pair of  Sony stereo
headphones to add the boom mic
portion of a Heil BM-10 (hope this is right...model with the old foam
earpads)...I find the headphones
dont keep out enough background noise (especially in multi-op contesting)
and the price of the Heil
Proset is out of my price range....so my question is, has anyone tried to do
the same thing and how
did you fasten the boom mic to the headphone plastic earpiece housing?? I
wish to use the clip from
the old BM-10 if possible to allow swivel and rotation of the arm. Any help
would be appreciated.


Ted Boerkamp VE3SS

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