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[CQ-Contest] boom mike

Subject: [CQ-Contest] boom mike
From: w4pa@yahoo.com (Scott Robbins)
Date: Tue Jan 23 12:05:11 2001

There's another solution to the "homebrew
headphone/boom mike" question that I have employed for
a number of years.  Use the desk mic from your HF rig
placed on a boom stand set off to the side of the rigs
or coming out from behind the equipment.  Then just
use your headphones as is.   'Split' microphone boom
stands are commonly available, cheap, from your local
Guitar Center or via the Internet.  Try www.carvin.com
(Carvin, Inc., San Diego, Ca.) and look at models MS11
@ $22.99, MB9 @ $14.99 and MS13 @ $29.99.

I also note, coincidentally, that there is an article
on the www.eham.net website with pictures that shows
converting a boom mounted light fixture to a boom
mounted microphone holder.  This, also, would work
and is essentially the same concept.

Have fun,

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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