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[CQ-Contest] Contest Keyer - Question

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Keyer - Question
From: Rob.Hammond@eu.sony.com (Hammond, Rob EU-Pencoed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 13:49:25 2001
I recently decided to Wire up the MFJ434 to My FT100. It's Currently
connected to the 847. The Idea was to eventually have one keyer switched
between two radios. I'm currently having problems with matching the output
on the MFJ434 to both Radios without the need to tweek the keyer in between.
Any-one give my any advice apart from buying another keyer or Radio.
Also I am wondering how SO 2 Radio ops isolate the one radio while the other
is transmitting as not to overload the front-end - Do you switch the power
off to that radio or switch the antenna automatically ?

Thanks Rob

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