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[CQ-Contest] Contest Station Design - cable management

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Station Design - cable management
From: kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov (kl7ra)
Date: Wed Jan 24 08:16:56 2001
Pete writes:
 > >  How do you manage the mess of  interconnecting wires and cables
 >>  in your shack?  Do you try to cut each one to length to fit your current
 >> setup (power cords excepted, maybe)?

Dale reports:
 >>SO2R Control box (15 connectors on the back!!!!)) are a mess.

This question came up last week when a visitor asked about my home
brew SO2R box and what was needed. If you have yet to face this,
mine has the following interconnects using a small 3 inch by 8 inch box.

CW out to radio 1
CW out to radio 2
PTT out to radio 1
PTT out to radio 2
AUDIO from radio 1
AUDIO from radio 2
MIC out to radio 1
MIC ptt to radio 1
MIC out to radio 2
MIC ptt to radio 2
MIC in from voice keyer interface
MIC ptt from voice keyer interface
headphones jack
foot switch input
paddle input
CW in from outboard keyer  (seldom used)
12 VDC

And the visitor jumped back when he looked behind the SO2R box. I use
radio shack 6 foot cables with phono plugs for all connections to the
interface and change the other end to whatever is required.

It looks to me SO2R contesters will have a nest for a rat by their operating
position until someone sells two transceivers in one package. I wonder
what they will call it?

73 Rich KL7RA


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