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[CQ-Contest] Copy of: Contest Station

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Copy of: Contest Station
From: n5nj@gte.net (Bob Naumann - N5NJ)
Date: Thu Jan 25 12:16:13 2001
Jim touched on the point I was going to make regarding being able to
get behind the radio equipment to do wiring.

In my current shack, I have 18" between the back of the desk and the
wall.  This allows me to go back there and run the cables back and
forth and make connections without the need to have slack loops for
pulling the radio or other stuff out.  If I need to add or verify
something or move it, I just walk around the back.

Many stations are set up this way.  K2GL's station had several
"island" stations within the large shack.  Doc Schallert up in Ohio
has a walk-in "closet" where all the wiring is done behind the
operating position.  One fellow (whose call I don't remember in NJ)
had a complete Drake line (and I mean complete) on a very heavy steel
table with sturdy wheels on it.  The whole thing could be pulled out
from the wall and worked on, then when ready push it closer to the

For AC power, mounting some of the now cheap outlet strips on the back
of your operating table makes these connections easy too.  A similar
thing is available for 12v DC distribution from a couple of vendors.

Labeling is very important.  I use the Brother P-Touch "Home & Hobby"
model that prints labels in different type sizes and can use different
colored tapes so you can match what you're labeling - or not.  The
silver label material looks very professional on brushed aluminum

Robert E. Naumann
N5NJ / V26O
Plano, TX  USA
ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE
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 > RE:     Copy of: Contest Station
 > A couple more wire tie ideas to pass along, they can be reused if
cut off
 > at the point the end goes into the latching head.  And if you need a
 > one, they can be daisy chained.
 > Also available at electronic and electrical supply houses are sticky
 > or screw down pads that will accept a wire tie to hold a bundle of
 > And finally a thought I have had from years or dealing with radio
 > against walls, that it would be much easier if you have the room to
 > access behind the equipment.
 > 73 Jim KI7Y
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