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[CQ-Contest] Contest Station Design - cable management

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Station Design - cable management
From: k1ir@designet.com (Jim Idelson)
Date: Fri Jan 26 08:54:45 2001
No, Bill. The reason for SO2R is so you can LISTEN on a second radio while
you're transmitting on the first one. You can't do that with an FT-1000D. Yes,
the FT1000D lets you listen on two separate bands at the same time, but that's
not the solution to cq'ing on one band while S&P'ing on another -

 >You don't need two transceivers for SO2R. You need two receivers and one
frequency-agile transmitter. Something like the FT-1000D is pretty darn close
to being there. 

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