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[CQ-Contest] Crystal Radios

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Crystal Radios
From: k0luz@email.msn.com (Gary Letchford)
Date: Fri Jan 26 17:11:56 2001
This may be slightly off topic,  but since so many of us can remember the
good ole days when we received a crystal radio kit for Christmas,  and the
experience of building it and then moving the cats whisker around and
finding "The Lone Ranger" theme song coming through the headphones.  I
promised someone I'd ask the question to some knowledgeable people.

I had someone ask me if I knew of a company or whatever that they could buy
a crystal radio kit that they could give to their grandson.  Whether it will
be as exciting now as it was then is a real question in my mind,  but it
might be worth a try.   Who knows....  maybe this recepient will be a
contester in a few years!!

If anyone has any suggestions,  let me know.


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