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[CQ-Contest] KH7K

Subject: [CQ-Contest] KH7K
From: miltj@aepnet.com (Milt Jensen, ARS N5IA)
Date: Sun Jan 28 10:00:16 2001
A quick reply from someone in the know would be appreciated, so that the CQ
160 contest log can be scored correctly.

KH7K was sending as part of his exchange that he was HI.  If he was on Kure,
then although Kure is a part of the Island state, in the DXCC world it is a
separate country entity.  CT wants to score it as a separate country.

So, was the station portable on the big islands?

Or, if the station was on Kure should it be scored as a state?

Any light that can be shed on this one would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Milt,

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