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[CQ-Contest] Contest Station Design - cable management

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Station Design - cable management
From: kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov (kl7ra)
Date: Mon Jan 29 12:56:26 2001
Bob, K6XX,  Writes:

 >I've cut down the number of wires by utilizing the mic cable to carry
 >mic audio/GND (separate so the Kenwood is happy) and PTT (plus ground).
 >This one 3 or 4 conductor cable replaces three on your list, making the
 >switching setup cabling more managable. It functions because on all of my
 >rigs, the mic PTT works fine as a CW PTT. I do use TR-Log's PTT output
 >during CW contests to reduce relay cycling in the rigs.
 >Power is used for what? Your box uses relays, I guess?

Hi Bob

Dave, K8CC , covered most everything I was going to mention. My station
is set up as multi-multi most of the year with SO2R for single op contests.
To do this I pop the 80 meter position out of the lineup and shove 20 and
15 together.  I found using non-unique cables, where I could, was best.  I
use common radio shack six foot cables for most everything. In some
cases I use the dual sets. Most have phono plugs on at least one end.
The SO2R box has a long row of phono jacks. This cable strategy helps
if it's ever necessary to swap out a station componet quickly.

My SO2R box does use power to run relays and LED indicators. One
cable I forgot to mention was the DB25 going to the PC parallel port.
The contest software does the radio switching plus everything else
with one keystroke or imbedded command in a CW message. I also
have manual control. The SO2R box has a three position switch to
select radio one,  two, or PC selects radio. I also use a self latching
relay which controls signal flow to allow casual operation without
everything up and running.

The MIC grounds from each radio are isolated from each other as well as
from the PTT ground which prevents hum.  Both the MIC signal and the MIC
signal ground are switched by relay in the SO2R box.  The voice keyer
sends the PTT signal to the MIC jack for phone operation. The PTT signal
for CW or footswitch comes from the PTT circuit controlled by the software
to the radio accessory port,  but this signal could have been "ORed" in the
SO2R  box as you mention.

73 Rich   KL7RA

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