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[CQ-Contest] Wire Coiling for the impatient ?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Wire Coiling for the impatient ?
From: bogus@does.not.exist.com (bogus@does.not.exist.com)
Date: Mon Jan 29 23:22:14 2001

  My son and I invented a powered take up spool system for rolling up the 160
inv L radials each spring. PVC covered wire is a must. Save the wire spools.
We drive two pieces of strapping into the ground with "V" notches to rest an
axle in. Put the saved spools onto the axle. Tape one end of the radial to
the spool with a piece of electrical tape. Use an electric drill with a
rubber friction drive attached to the business end and let it rip. You can
very nearly put all 500' of wire back on 500' spool.

  There are no shortcuts I know of when rolling up coax. Like one of the other
replies mentioned, start a loop with the desired diameter. Secure it with
some electrical tape. Hand roll the rest insuring there are no kinks. Use
electrical tape to secure the roll in a tight bundle. Do not use duct tape as
the adhesive bleeds after a while and makes a mess. I use the cheap (.49cents
US) electrical tape for all of this.


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