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[CQ-Contest] Fw: Topband WWL contest

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fw: Topband WWL contest
From: wally@el-soft.com (Valeri Stefanov)
Date: Fri Mar 2 08:28:02 2001
Hi Tom,

 >Please, no more new SSB contests on 160 meters unless the
 >rules require people to follow regional bandplans!!!

This a kind of discussion we have had since 1980ies.
There are may be just 3 weekends when SSB contesters disturb the routine DX
work of other top banders, so I do not think there are so many SSB contests
on 160m.

 >There is an entire band from 1850-2000 kHz for SSB,

As you probably know Tom most EUs are allowed 1810 - 1850 only
for CW and SSB. Split operation with listening above 1850 is also very hard
at this end due to a strong Russian stations making local contacts. That is
more a problem for us in Eastern EU than for the guys in Western Europe,
though. That will eventualy prevent to a great extend making a split DX QSOs
with USA on SSB. I have stressed this back in 1986-88 in Radiosporting

 >it seems the problem now, for those who are concerned with
 >multipliers, are the endless CQ's and stateside contacts that
 >prevent long distance contacts. Not only are most real DX stations
 >under many layers of QRM in NA, any reply from NA has to make
 >it back through layers of Eu QRM in Eu.

Ask us in South Eastern Europe about this, because we go through whole
Europe to be able to copy USA. That is also why some of us suggested Grid
Squares as multipliers. No one IMHO can change the situation with QRM walls
here in EU and in USA. When we can not change something we must try to cope
with it .

 >Since people won't use common sense in operating, it has to be
 >forced on them.  5 kHz is too small for a DX Window, and NA
 >stations should not have emissions in the DX Window anyway.

IMHO it is not wise to stick to DX window in the contest.It is OK and fine
for routine DX work, but in a contest it is practically not usable
either on CW or SSB.

 >The problem is not specific stations, but the way the rules are
 >written. In a contest, nearly all common sense and manners
 >disappear with the need to fight for a spot and keep it clear. If
 >contests required people to follow bandplans operating would be
 >better for everyone, and we would not set bad examples for others.

I think that problems are emerging because top band is the only band where
portions of the band which are allowed in different countires for CW and SSB
are so unevenly distributed and overlapping between 1800 - 2000khz  that in
contests this make things look like a chaos.
Unfortunately we can not change this.
So, let's find a place for every one and keep going on this magic band we
all love so much.

73's de Wally LZ2CJ

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