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[CQ-Contest] RSGB Commonwealth Contest 10/11 March 2001

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RSGB Commonwealth Contest 10/11 March 2001
From: lee@g0mtn.freeserve.co.uk (Lee Volante)
Date: Sat Mar 3 12:06:41 2001

I'd like to remind you that the 64th RSGB Commonwealth Contest (BERU) is
taking place next weekend from 1200Z 10 March to 1200Z 11 March.

This contest offers a more relaxed contesting environment for stations in
the Commonwealth and Mandated  Territories.

Bands:  3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz CW Only.    Bottom 30 kHz of band only
(except when working Novices.)

Exchange: RST-Serial
HQ stations send HQ after their exchange.

Simple rules:
Entrants:  Licenced radio amateurs within the Commonwealth or British
Mandated Territories.

a) Open (single op)
b) Restricted (single op) (12 hour operation only, off periods 60 mins
minimum, 8 hours max operation before 0000)
c) Heaquarters Stations (single or multi op) (counts as additional call

No packet / spotting assistance allowed.

Contacts can only be made with stations using a Commonwealth Contest area
prefix (other than your own.)  Exceptions:  The UK counts as one area - UK
to UK QSOs not allowed.  HQ stations in your own call area may be worked for
points and bonuses

Scoring:   5 points / QSO, plus bonus of 20 points for the first three
contacts with each Commonwealth Call area on each band.

Please read the complete rules which contain the full list of Commonwealth
call areas, and the log entry details on the RSGB HFCC website run by Justin
G4TSH.  The address is:  http://www.g4tsh.demon.co.uk/HFCC

73,  Lee G0MTN

Lee Volante G0MTN, Solihull, UK
Email: g0mtn@qsl.net
WWW:   http://www.g0mtn.freeserve.co.uk

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