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[CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...
From: n2mg@contesting.com (Mike Gilmer - N2MG)
Date: Mon Mar 5 08:45:34 2001
On Sun, 04 March 2001, Doug Smith W9WI wrote:

 > Interesting incident during the ARRL Phone on 15m early this morning.
 > Decided it was time to do some CQing.  Found a completely open frequency.
 > (nothing but band noise)  Asked whether it was in use.  Response: 2 seconds
 > of band noise.  Ask again.  Again, response: 2 seconds of band noise.
 > Call CQ & begin running.  (unfortunately not at a very good rate<g>)  About
 > 5 minutes later, a W1 shows up & starts insisting it's his frequency.

This even happens to W2s. <g>

I had this done "to me" by a certain K1 powerhouse.  I had already worked a 
couple of guys and had a small run going when he came back and told me 
"that's the way it works" (I wrote that down).  It was on 10m (where 
there's lots of room) and he had the horsepower to clean my clock (at least 
13 more elements) so I left.  Had it been 15m or 20m I would have stayed 
just to make some noise.

"Too much" SO2R might even become a disadvantage as 10m and 15m close down 
over the next few years.

- Mike N2MG

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