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[CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...
From: kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov (kl7ra)
Date: Mon Mar 5 10:38:38 2001
Doug writes:
 >It seems that many now feel that they are entitled to a completely
 >clear passband.

Bob comments:
 >These guys need to get real.

 >I had a W6 try to chase me off on 15 this afternoon by coming on my
 >frequency several times, telling me that the frequency was in use.
 >Naturally, I ignored him totally and kept calling CQ.  I listened
 >around and found that this guy was up nearly 2.5kHz.  He kept moving
 >to my frequency trying to get me to react, and finally moved right on
 >top of my frequency and called CQ.  He even announced that he was
 >going to do so.  Ho-hum.   I moved up to where he was and had a great
 >Clear passbands are not a given in a contest.

Same thing here, about the same time, maybe same incident???

A W6 said I was on their freq. I said it was clear and they said they were
up one kHz. I asked him if we were now suppose to ask everyone above
and below a clear freq if it's okay but didn't hear his answer as he went after
someone below me. He complained to this new intruder the freq was busy
and that battle lasted for awhile. I waited to see how far this guy would go
down the band trying to clear a hole, but someone started to CQ on his
(now vacant) frequency. I was laughing too hard to hear his reaction.

Not sure what happen after that as I gave the dial a big spin and went for
another handful of mm's while waiting for it to stop and I could CQ again.
  ---  Darwin mode - random selection, survival of the loudest.

73  Rich KL7RA

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