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[CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...
From: kc5ajx@hotmail.com (Rick Bullon)
Date: Mon Mar 5 20:53:38 2001

On Mar 5th 2001 Mike Gilmer wrote
 >I had this done "to me" by a certain K1 powerhouse.  I had already worked a
 >couple of guys and had a small run going when he came back and told me
 >"that's the way it works" (I wrote that down).  It was on 10m (where
 >there's lots of room) and he had the horsepower to clean my clock (at least
 >13 more elements) so I left.  Had it been 15m or 20m I would have stayed
 >just to make some noise.
 >"Too much" SO2R might even become a disadvantage as 10m and 15m close down
 >over the next few years.
 >- Mike N2MG
Hello Mike
In the ARRL 10 meter contest in 98, when I was still a Tech+, I had great
conditions from Texas to both EU and JA. I was running 100 watts and a
vertical and running both ways.
I had a EU DX station call me and give his exchange. Before I could respond
a big gun station tried to steal the QSO by calling the DX station on top of
me. The DX told the big gun that he was in QSO already and to please stand
by. The big gun called the DX station 2 or 3 more times on top of me but the
DX hung in there and got my exchange then moved on with out working the big
After the DX had left I blasted the big gun for his actions his reply was
"If I wanted to be a contester I needed to upgrade and put up a stack and
big a amp. Low powered 100 watt station were incapable of running or
breaking a pile up. All they can do is eat the smoke from the big guns" and
with that he proceeded to take the frequency.
I have remembered his words. I am working on putting up a stack of 2 TH6DXX
tribanders on a 70' 25g tower with a Force 12 EF240 beam on top. I am going
to shunt feed the tower on 160 and all I need to add is something on 80.(all
I can afford to put up right now) I won't be a big gun but I will be louder
than before  I have a amp and I have upgraded to general. He didn't make me
decide to do it I had planned to do it before he came along.
Right now I don't plan to use the amp in contests, but the next time an
idiot comes along and tries this I just might change from a low power entry
to high power and see if he really wants to fight it out.
We have already had the "Might makes Right" thread on here so I won't start
it again, but next time I won't be run  off so easily!!!!

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