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[CQ-Contest] Ethics

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Ethics
From: trogozinskisprint@earthlink.net (Tony Rogozinski)
Date: Sun Mar 4 23:25:12 2001
Too bad you didn't get a recording - or did you?   On the other
hand whose idea was it?  Seems like it was probably an
arranged deal but hard to prove of course - most cheaters
find some sort of grey area to operate in.


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From: G3SJJ <g3sjj@btinternet.com>
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Ethics

 >I am sure this has been aired before and possibly against the same group.
 >I  was tuning across 10m on Saturday listening to ARRL contest activity.
 >A well known ON4 callsign (not the owner) was CQing, after some exchanges
 >but not all, the op asked the other station to listen for OT1T on 3740 at
 >I thought this practice had been outlawed. In any case, in my book it is
 >and out cheating!!  Chris G3SJJ
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