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[CQ-Contest] Contesting as an Internet spectator sport?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contesting as an Internet spectator sport?
From: w5xd@writelog.com (W. Wright, W5XD)
Date: Tue Mar 6 02:50:44 2001
It seems to me the Internet has provided an opportunity to add a new
operating class to major contests. I have to admit that this idea fits into
the category of a "solution looking for a problem", but I figure its worth a
post here.

The uniqueness of this particular class would be that the race could be
viewed live through an Internet site. The contest sponsor would have to set
up the site, and all entrants for this class would have to arrange to post
their score, and maybe some interesting other tidbits about their operation
(maybe points/mults broken down by band?), fairly frequently during the
contest (every 30 minutes??). The information provided by the entrants would
be made instantly available for everyone--not just other entrants--so the
armchair quarterbacks could have their place (that's me!). An over-the-hill
contester could be recruited to do play-by-play color commentary, of course.

Wayne, W5XD

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