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Subject: [CQ-Contest] FO8AA
From: W2CE@aol.com (W2CE@aol.com)
Date: Tue Mar 6 11:19:24 2001

In a message dated 3/6/01 10:24:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, W1HIJCW@aol.com

I don't know who he was but I did hear him S&P on some DX stations. He tried
working Martti at EA8BH for a while and I heard him calling a few UA's but
never any USA stations. I'm sure a few may have snagged him but he seemed to
not be interested in more than rare to him DX stations.

    73, de  Bob Reed, W2CE

    W2CE@aol.com     W2CE@arrl.net

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>From Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x@kr6x.com  Tue Mar  6 16:24:50 2001
From: Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x@kr6x.com (Leigh S. Jones)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
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I see two things going on here.  First, there's a contest in which
there must be an expectation that there's a field of play in which
things are going to get a little rough.  Second, there's a commendable
attempt by all to reduce the brutality and return our sport to a
gentlemanly interplay that it can never really hope to be in the
strictest sense.

Imagine a DX station appears and a small pile-up appears in response.
N2MG arrives on frequency before K1AR and begins calling the DX
station to no avail.  K1AR finally arrives, and N2MG tells him not to
call the DX on his frequency.  He was there first.

Guys -- your claim to a clear frequency in the sense that it applies
to the non-contesting world of amateur radio expires at the end of
each contact.  When you call CQ you are announcing that you are not in
contact -- therefore it is not possible to interfere with your
contact.  The contesting world is more brutal.  You've dressed up for
the game, you've walked on the field, and the ball was snapped.  Both
of you need to expect that the opposition will be trying to win, too.
You have no reasonable expectation of a clear frequency.

Each of you two have come to the "world court" of the reflector hoping
we'll resolve the ill will in your favor.  My view is that you're both
dead wrong.

a) K1AR gave up the frequency.  He is wrong to try to apply some sort
of gentleman's agreement to recover it.  His has no claim to the
frequency that any other competitor in the contest does not also have.
Even if he never left 10 meters to work 15 meters, he has no claim to
a clear frequency.
b) N2MG cannot expect a clear frequency.  He has done no wrong to K1AR
except to bring the incident up in the reflector.  This is a
demolition derby here, expect collisions.

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x@kr6x.com

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From: "John Dorr" <jdorr@AetherSystems.com>
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Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 4:29 PM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

 > Well, I'll step up here considering no one else seems willing to
 > real calls/names. The incident with N2MG involved myself while
operating on
 > 10M. I had the good fortune to have two needed multipliers call me
which I
 > managed to successfully pass to 15M.
 > Now, I agree about the concern over the frequency ownership issue
raised by
 > several guys on here. In this case (and correct me if I'm wrong), I
 > the passes probably took about 45-60 seconds each. That is, in my
 > within a reasonable window to say you're still using a run
 > Naturally, that can be debated at great length as it already has
been on
 > this channel.
 > The point in my on-air comment to Mike was simply that instead of
trying to
 > have the debate in the heat of battle, he would be better off
finding his
 > own frequency and focussing on passing guys himself as appropriate.
 > Obviously that's a one-sided view but, right or wrong,  seems to be
 > regular practice by most operators.
 > BTW, for the record, I was not operating with two radios this
weekend. But,
 > a fair point has been raised here about how long a frequency is
 > yours when you choose to vacate it for any reason. I submit to the
 > contesting court that there's no cookbook answer to that one.
 > 73 John, K1AR
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