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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: tree@kkn.net (Tree N6TR)
Date: Tue Mar 6 13:10:55 2001

Congrats to K1DG and N2MG on their ability to discuss this in
an open forum.  This is a great example of sportsmanship and

Because of this - the facts are not in dispute.  Although, I
wonder about the 45 seconds - as that is a VERY LONG TIME.
However, we all know K1AR is a lid and doesn't know how to use
two radios, so maybe it is accurate.

I am sure that when most of us are tuning the band - looking
for a clear frequency, there is a certain process that we go
through.  It probably involves slowly tuning and listening to
potential clear spots for a few seconds - and then either trying
a CQ or two (K3ZO method) or asking if the frequency is in use.

As you establish yourself, by calling more uncontested CQs, or
putting some QSOs in the log, you will become relunctant to
give up the frequency without some resistance.  You might
demonstrate this resistance just by continuing to CQ and
work guys - or perhaps you will ask, or tell, the other
person to move.  It depends on your personality and how much
sleep you have had in the contest.  Frequency rage probably
occurs more on Sunday.

If the SO2R, SO1R or even SO4R guy doesn't vacate his frequency
for more than the time a typical exchange, it is unlikely that
anyone will challenge him.

However, 45 seconds is a pretty long time to expect your frequency
to still be there - without having to fight to get it back.  If
you are in W1 land, and someone else not in W1 land is on your
frequency when you come back - it will probably be a pretty short

QRM happens - it is the nature of the contest.  How you deal with
it is a big part of the game.  It doesn't sound pretty when someone
says that they are going to stay on a frequency "because they can",
but that is the truth.

If N6TR/7 finds a clear frequency on 10 SSB, works a couple of
Europeans and then K1AR shows up acting like he owns the
frequency, N6TR will move up the band where he belongs.

Next November when W5WMU is looking for a frequency on 40 meters
in the SS CW, he will listen carefully for a clear frequency -
listen to it for about 10 seconds - try a quick CQ and if nobody
challenges him, he will send a longer CQ and then start putting
guys in the log.  If K1AR comes by after two QSOs and starts sending
CQs - he probably won't have much luck.

Different contest - differnet propagation - different result.

Tree N6TR/7

PS: When I call K1AR a lid - I do so with the greatest of respect.
Once you have attained a certain level of greatness, being referred
to as a lid is a compliment.  I just hope I can become as big of a
lid as he is someday.  Maybe with enough practice...

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