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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: k4bai@worldnet.att.net (John Laney)
Date: Tue Mar 6 16:41:06 2001
I thought it was pretty well agreed in theory that, if you vacate a frequency
for any reason (certainly including attempting to work anyone else on another
frequency) and you come back and someone else is using your frequency, it 
is not
"your" frequency anymore.  Obviously, if the loud guy comes back and starts
CQing and the other guy goes away, that is what the loud guy expects and he
doesn't worry about it too much.  But, if someone else has established himself
there and insists on his right to do so, I think the first guy has to move on
and find another space.  Arguments about the use of the frequency are very poor
public relations for any ham and for the hobby in general.  The guy who went
away and vacated the frequency is in the wrong if he gets into a fuss when he
comes back to the frequency that he vacated.  If those who have come in 
there in
the meantime quietly move aside, there is no great harm to the hobby.  But if
they choose to stay and insist on their right not to be deliberately 
with, the first guy, no matter who he is, should move on for the good of the
fraternity and to keep everyone's blood pressure within reasonable limits.  Of
course, if the first guy has not vacated the frequency (has not transmitted on
another frequency nor has he left the operating position for any reason), but
has been there all along trying to copy some slow and weak station transmitting
to him, the second guy was in error in assuming the frequency was empty and
should quietly go away after he determines the facts.

73 to all, big and small guns,

John, K4BAI.

John Dorr wrote:

 > Well, I'll step up here considering no one else seems willing to mention
 > real calls/names. The incident with N2MG involved myself while operating on
 > 10M. I had the good fortune to have two needed multipliers call me which I
 > managed to successfully pass to 15M.
 > Now, I agree about the concern over the frequency ownership issue raised by
 > several guys on here. In this case (and correct me if I'm wrong), I believe
 > the passes probably took about 45-60 seconds each. That is, in my view,
 > within a reasonable window to say you're still using a run frequency.
 > Naturally, that can be debated at great length as it already has been on
 > this channel.
 > The point in my on-air comment to Mike was simply that instead of trying to
 > have the debate in the heat of battle, he would be better off finding his
 > own frequency and focussing on passing guys himself as appropriate.
 > Obviously that's a one-sided view but, right or wrong,  seems to be a
 > regular practice by most operators.
 > BTW, for the record, I was not operating with two radios this weekend. But,
 > a fair point has been raised here about how long a frequency is legitimately
 > yours when you choose to vacate it for any reason. I submit to the
 > contesting court that there's no cookbook answer to that one.
 > 73 John, K1AR
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