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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: n4vhk@summitschool.com (Henry Heidtmann)
Date: Tue Mar 6 17:52:35 2001
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Nice comments, Tree-
I believe there was a request for topics to discuss at the Contesting
Forum at Dayton- I think this thread (and others- SO2R, ethics,
categories, etc.) is worthy of spending an hour or two
in open debate/discussion- not just the guns up front, but an open forum
of ideas and comments from the gallery-
I, for one, would be thrilled to voice my opinions about this (and other
apsects of our sport) in person to my competitors ( I say that with a bit
of tongue in cheek) at that forum rather than watch 4 more powerpoint
slide shows about "someone else's fortunes." Not a slam against some of
the previous presenters, but these type of presentations would be better
served just as well with pictures and text on a web site (and I could save
it for presentation at a club meeting!)

Open discussion is always good for the soul, and we dont do it in
person enough. I bet would make for one helluva forum.

Thanks for the soapbox-
Henry, N4VHK
W4WS Contest Crew
Winston-Salem, NC


On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Tree N6TR wrote:

 > Congrats to K1DG and N2MG on their ability to discuss this in
 > an open forum.  This is a great example of sportsmanship and
 > maturity.
 > Because of this - the facts are not in dispute.  Although, I
 > wonder about the 45 seconds - as that is a VERY LONG TIME.
 > However, we all know K1AR is a lid and doesn't know how to use
 > two radios, so maybe it is accurate.
 > I am sure that when most of us are tuning the band - looking
 > for a clear frequency, there is a certain process that we go
 > through.  It probably involves slowly tuning and listening to
 > potential clear spots for a few seconds - and then either trying
 > a CQ or two (K3ZO method) or asking if the frequency is in use.
 > As you establish yourself, by calling more uncontested CQs, or
 > putting some QSOs in the log, you will become relunctant to
 > give up the frequency without some resistance.  You might
 > demonstrate this resistance just by continuing to CQ and
 > work guys - or perhaps you will ask, or tell, the other
 > person to move.  It depends on your personality and how much
 > sleep you have had in the contest.  Frequency rage probably
 > occurs more on Sunday.
 > If the SO2R, SO1R or even SO4R guy doesn't vacate his frequency
 > for more than the time a typical exchange, it is unlikely that
 > anyone will challenge him.
 > However, 45 seconds is a pretty long time to expect your frequency
 > to still be there - without having to fight to get it back.  If
 > you are in W1 land, and someone else not in W1 land is on your
 > frequency when you come back - it will probably be a pretty short
 > fight.
 > QRM happens - it is the nature of the contest.  How you deal with
 > it is a big part of the game.  It doesn't sound pretty when someone
 > says that they are going to stay on a frequency "because they can",
 > but that is the truth.
 > If N6TR/7 finds a clear frequency on 10 SSB, works a couple of
 > Europeans and then K1AR shows up acting like he owns the
 > frequency, N6TR will move up the band where he belongs.
 > Next November when W5WMU is looking for a frequency on 40 meters
 > in the SS CW, he will listen carefully for a clear frequency -
 > listen to it for about 10 seconds - try a quick CQ and if nobody
 > challenges him, he will send a longer CQ and then start putting
 > guys in the log.  If K1AR comes by after two QSOs and starts sending
 > CQs - he probably won't have much luck.
 > Different contest - differnet propagation - different result.
 > Tree N6TR/7
 > PS: When I call K1AR a lid - I do so with the greatest of respect.
 > Once you have attained a certain level of greatness, being referred
 > to as a lid is a compliment.  I just hope I can become as big of a
 > lid as he is someday.  Maybe with enough practice...
 > --
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