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[CQ-Contest] Frequency fights

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Frequency fights
From: k1dg@ix.netcom.com (Doug Grant)
Date: Tue Mar 6 20:39:11 2001

Interesting thread, but really nothing new here.

People have been fighting over frequency ownership since Marconi's days. =
Turns out his spark gap rigs and crude receivers prevented more than one =
QSO at a time on the (only) band.=20

Whether two guys find themselves contending for ownership of a frequency =
because of a propagation shift, a SO2R guy passing a mult to another =
band for 45 seconds or a couple of minutes then returning, a guy digging =
out a weak one and not responding when someone else sends a "QRL?" then =
starts CQing, or a loud guy simply deciding he wants the frequency, this =
conflict will always be here. Some people are more aggressive than =
others in taking or defending a frequency.

How you deal with it depends on your situation. If you want the =
frequency badly enough, and think you can hold it when someon tries to =
steal it, go for it. If not, then suck it up and move on. You are in the =
contest to make QSOs and mults, not establish your ability to expend =
energy fighting and losing a frequency battle. If you have any kind of =
competitive station, you will be on the winning side of frequency fights =
some times. If you are always on the losing side of these things, you =
are probably playing the wrong sport. Or you are QRP and accustomed to =
QSYing a lot anyway.

I do not advocate the hostile takeover of a frequency which is obviously =
in use by someone else. That's simply rude.

I heard a particularly nasty frequency fight last weekend which quickly =
degenerated into one station resorting to profanity directed at the =
interloper. I heard how the conflict came about (Station 1 was trying to =
pull out a weak one, and did not respond immediately to Station 2 who =
asked if the frequency was clear, heard no response, and proceeded to =
call CQ and get answers). Station 1 then demanded that Station 2 move, =
and Station 2 responded that he had asked if the frequency was clear, =
had heard no response, and decided to stay there.

Station 1 then proceeded to call Station 2 names that do not belong in =
this sport in an unsuccessful attempt to get him to move. "Please" was =
not part of the request, and probably would have been more effective.

Both stations were in the wrong here.

This seems to be more of a problem in SSB contests. I guess there's a =
message there.


Doug, K1DG (who spent the ARRL SSB weekend on a cruise ship in the =
western Caribbean, listening occasionally to the fun with a portable SW =
receiver, and agrees with N6TR that K1AR is a lid.)

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