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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: k4ab@email.msn.com (Larry Crim)
Date: Tue Mar 6 19:35:43 2001
 >There are not enough channels and there are no "frequency rights."

Does this mean that its OK to intentionally call CQ on top of someone
if he is on a better run frequency than you?

If so, yes, I am one of the guilty.

However, in these days of SO2R, leaving a frequency and then returning
minutes later begs a question...

Is it fair?


The right thing to do?.....no.

When I got started in amateur radio, one of the first things I learned was
"The Amateur's Code".   (When was the last time we saw that in print?)

It seemed to separate us from the CB'ers.  Code #1 is "The Amateur Is
He never knowingly uses the air in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of

That being said, I'll be considerate on the air........unless you leave your

VY 73,
Larry K4AB

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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

 >As the owner of the station in question I will make a (rare) submission to
 >the reflector.
 >There are not enough channels and there are no "frequency rights."  There
 >almost always someone on every frequency, whether you can hear them of not.
 >Pick a frequency for best rate. If K3LR or K1AR is also on that channel (or
 >just shows up), your rate may not be optimized. The good op knows when to
 >fight and when to fold, it's part of the game.
 >Ken K1EA
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 >Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
 >Well, I'll step up here considering no one else seems willing to mention
 >real calls/names. The incident with N2MG involved myself while operating on
 >10M. I had the good fortune to have two needed multipliers call me which I
 >managed to successfully pass to 15M.
 >Now, I agree about the concern over the frequency ownership issue raised by
 >several guys on here. In this case (and correct me if I'm wrong), I believe
 >the passes probably took about 45-60 seconds each. That is, in my view,
 >within a reasonable window to say you're still using a run frequency.
 >Naturally, that can be debated at great length as it already has been on
 >this channel.
 >The point in my on-air comment to Mike was simply that instead of trying to
 >have the debate in the heat of battle, he would be better off finding his
 >own frequency and focussing on passing guys himself as appropriate.
 >Obviously that's a one-sided view but, right or wrong,  seems to be a
 >regular practice by most operators.
 >BTW, for the record, I was not operating with two radios this weekend. But,
 >a fair point has been raised here about how long a frequency is
 >yours when you choose to vacate it for any reason. I submit to the
 >contesting court that there's no cookbook answer to that one.
 >73 John, K1AR
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