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[CQ-Contest] Waiting in the weeds

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Waiting in the weeds
From: kq2m@mags.net (Robert Shohet)
Date: Tue Mar 6 16:41:16 2001
Hi Mr. Aurora (KL7RA),

Occasional misunderstanding and propagation changes aside, I am with you on
waiting in the weeds for some arrogant SO2R or Multi-something type to
disappear for a few minutes and try to reclaim the freq.  It is PRECISELY
for this reason (as well as the fact that I take nothing for granted) that
when I pass a mult. I generally
leave for 10 - 15 seconds (NOT five minutes) and the guys waiting in the
weeds for me rarely get
the chance to rightfully claim the freq. since they never know when I have
left (or not).

I enjoy this game of "misdirection" and playing with the "weed waiters"
as they think that they are so smart as to "stalk" me and my freq.
Of course, since they can't sure when I have left (since I am pretty fast
and well practiced at "misdirection") they rarely hassle me.  I also
sometime "bait" them by calling someone just so that it gives these smarties
the opportunity to call cq or "qrz"so I can IMMEDIATELY ask them to move
(nicely).  This deflates them a bit.

Since I am showing them and contest respect by being in two places at
once, I rarely have a problem.  For those guys who are poorly skilled, slow
or arrogant enough to believe that they can disappear and then reappear to
reclaim the freq. minutes later, I hope the WHOLE WORLD lies in wait for
them and decides
to just make an example of them, repeatedly, often, painfully and with no
mercy. <g>

HOWEVER, the "weed waiters" have to have some honor too....  That means that
after I tell the guy to go to freq. xxx and I finish calling cq. it is NOT
appropriate for the guy with his extra vfo on me, to call cq two
nanoseconds later.  That is also pretty arrogant.  And if he decides to call
cq at 80 wpm just so he can get a second cq off within four nanoseconds of
last txmission, that DOES NOT entitle him to the freq. either.
That's just plain harassment.  Some of these "wait in the weeds" type guys
are no better than some of the arrogant SO2R, M/S, M/2, M/M types.  Maybe we
should agree on a standard for "weed-waiter"  behavior too?

Having said that, on the rare occasion when someone rightfully concludes
that I am not on the freq., when I come back, I do one of two things...  I
either nicely ask them for the freq. back (and they can refuse) or I simply
go away without a word.

If they give me the freq. back, I repay them "in kind" at some point in the
future (and I still remember the nice things that someone did for me 25
years ago)!  Likewise, if they refuse, I still go away but I remember that
too.  And some day when they are at my mercy,  I will "squeeze their
ya-ya's" till I hear the scream.  (The iron fist in the velvet glove). <g>

I can hear the vfo's warming up now....

73 and good waiting,

Bob KQ2M

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