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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Clicks...
From: ford@cmgate.com (Ford Peterson)
Date: Tue Mar 6 21:46:11 2001
Bravo Bill!

Finally, some data.  All those in favor of outlawing FT1000X email the
offenders on the list and encourage them to clean up their act.  Better yet,
start flaming dealers that carry the rig.  Maybe that will get Yaesu's

I wonder if Mr Anonymous took down the S meter readings too?  I have been
told that my receiver is at fault many times.  The attenuator will tell the
truth.  Place 15db in front of the rig and click click click is still heard
loud and clear...  That doesn't sound like the Rx to me.

If the owners of the FT1000s don't care about clicks, and the dealers don't
care about clicks, and the manufacturer doesn't care about clicks, I wonder
if our buddy Riley cares?


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