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[CQ-Contest] Hello, this here frequency in use?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Hello, this here frequency in use?
From: ve4xt@mb.sympatico.ca (Kelly Taylor)
Date: Tue Mar 6 20:16:43 2001
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My only question is this: who spends 60 seconds listening to a clear 
frequency just in case someone might come back? And if that person does 
come back, how do I know they're telling the truth and not trying to scam 
me out of my frequency?

My guess is nobody waits 60 seconds.

If you leave a frequency long enough for me to find it and determine it's 
clear, you should kiss it goodbye.

One of the key things we are competing for is air time, or more 
specifically, run time. So just like the give-and-take of hockey or 
basketball, we must accept that from time to time someone is going to come 
and take our puck away from us (particularly if we leave it sitting 
unattended in front of an empty net for 60 seconds). And if you're the one 
taking the puck, you shouldn't be surprised if someone wants it back.

It's not personal. It's not ungentlemanly. It's just competition.

It's like hockey: on the ice you win some battles and you lose some 
battles. The trick is to not brood so badly over the little losses that you 
take yourself out of the game altogether.

Is it fair that the W1's have a huge advantage over almost everybody in 
working Europe? Probably not, particularly since it's the W1s who unleashed 
upon us Martha Stewart. In any event, cope with it.

Contesting. It's a good thing.

73, kelly

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>From Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x@kr6x.com  Wed Mar  7 04:25:05 2001
From: Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x@kr6x.com (Leigh S. Jones)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Clicks (long)
References: <Pine.LNX.4.21.0103061639360.21379-100000@dayton.akorn.net>
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Bill Fisher W4AN wrote:

 > K1AR asked me to post this so you guys would quit picking on him and
 > the conversation to something controversial that didn't include him.

Doesn't look like the gang wants to let go of this one so easy...
Well, I've had my say on this one already, so I don't think it would
do me much good to repeat myself.  Looking at the results, I think
that I see a trend that's worth reporting on, however.  I wonder how
accurate my take on this is -- I didn't keep all of the e-mails on the
subject in order to allow a tally to be taken.  What I see is that the
farther to the West the respondent is, the more likely he is to
believe that no one has any frequency rights in a contest.  On the
other hand, the earlier the band opens to Europe for the respondent,
and the bigger the respondent's signal is in Europe, the more likely
the respondent is to claim that the first guy on frequency has special
rights, perhaps even rights to the frequency that last all day.  Has
anyone kept all of these e-mails so that a tally can be taken?

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