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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Reply to SO2R comments...
From: Jan.E.Holm@telia.se (Jan.E.Holm@telia.se)
Date: Wed Mar 7 08:05:59 2001
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      Yes, this is absolutley right. The K1AR 45 sec rule sure doesn´t
      However, these constant frequency fights has made me loose
      interest for contesting more and more, I sure don´t like to fight
      with people when trying to relax with my hobby. Don´t know if
      I´m getting soft at old age but this is the fact.
      In any case you learn who the hard cases are, if you fight too
      long you loose too many points. If I´m serious for score I will
      not fight for the frequency very long but if I only operate a few
      hours for fun I will probably fight to the bitter end.
      Remember one fight with an OH station that lasted for about
      3 hours on 80 meters, I won but none of us worked much since
      we where 50 over at each other.
      Interesting comment about the fighting ability of KQ2M. In my
      book he is one of the smarter operators. I once had a fight with
      him and he was smart enough to offer a compromise solution
      to the situation, however since I was kind a angry at the time I
      wasn´t smart enough to take him up on it. Thinks like this pays
      of in the long time since if I SP around the bands I will call KQ2M
      and work him, others that I don´t fancy too much I simply will not
      call when SP´ing, however I will work everyone that calls me so
      I´m not as bad as some that black list´s people for this and that.
      But, there are always things you never forget. Like when a famous
      English M/M station operated but a famous G4 on 20 meters landed
      500 Hz from me, he claimed that with his new FT1000MP he has
      so good filters that it was ok and at the same time told me to buy
      new filters for my radio, gee whiz it sure beats me how some people
      tick. I sometimes ask myself how much power (or ERP) a guy has
      to run to be left alone from these guys.
      Oh, I just remember, this past weekend K1AR landed 0.6 kHz from
      me, I had to scream a bit but he was a good guy and moved.

      73, Jim SM2EKM
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It seems to me that there is no need for complicated rules about
getting your
frequency back when you QSY.....If you leave for any amount of time,
to take a leak, or to move a mult, and someone asks if the frequency is
use a couple of times and receives no response, you lose it.  No crying
bitching.  I don't care if you are a big gun multi-multi or a little
no one owns 28.301 when you start passing mults.
Bill K4XS

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