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[CQ-Contest] March-April NCJ arrives

Subject: [CQ-Contest] March-April NCJ arrives
From: K4tmc@aol.com (K4tmc@aol.com)
Date: Wed Mar 7 21:44:46 2001
Front cover photo of W1WEF in his shack.

Feature articles:
Some Facts of Life About Modeling 160-Meter Vertical Arrays, Part 2
(Appreciating Conductivity and Permittivity)
Blazing Rotators
A Guest Spot on the Desert Radio Contesters Team (operating from W6EEN)
DX Spotting and Networking in Contesting - Past, Present and Future
NCJ Reviews - NCJ Collection CD-ROM (1973-1998)
NCJ Profiles - Rus Healy, K2UA

Contest Calendar (March to June 2001)
The Contest Traveler - Comfort in the Tropics
Contesting For Fun - Milliwatting during the 2000 ARRL 10-Meter and CQWW CW
Contests, and Tales of Chasing the Miles per Watt Records, QRPp DXCC, & WAS
VHF-UHF Contesting! - How to be a "DX Station" in the June VHF QSO Party
International Contests - An International 3830?, North American results for
2000 Marconi Memorial HF, 2000 French (REF) HF, 2000 ARI International DX,
2000 RSGB IOTA Contests, and claimed scores from 2000 RSGB 21-28 MHz CW & SSB
Contest-pedition Destination Listing (for 2001 ARRL DX CW&SSB, CQWPX CW&SSB,
Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques - Avoiding Fatigue, Part 1
RTTY Contesting - Contest Preparation
Propagation - How Accurate are Propagation Predictions?
Contest Expeditions - The Perfect Spot

Contest Results:
August 2000 NAQP CW Contest
August 2000 NAQP SSB Contest

Active Electronic Components Depot has full-page ad.
K0XG Systems ad has a picture of a great-looking VHF-UHF rotating stack

That's all...

73 & High Rates,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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