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[CQ-Contest] Clicks & 5NN K

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Clicks & 5NN K
From: ford@cmgate.com (Ford Peterson)
Date: Wed Mar 7 23:18:32 2001
The ARRL logbook describes the RST system inside the back cover of the log.

"If the signal has the characteristic steadiness of crystal control, add the
letter X to the RST report.  If there is a chirp, the letter C may be added
to so indicate.  Similarly for a click, add K..."

While adding the "K" to RST during a contest could cause some confusion, at
least initially, the offending station getting repeated reports with the
confusing "K" can also ask the type of Rx rig at the other end.  Perhaps
this will lay to rest the "it's not my problem" issue in the minds of
FT1000X owners (and others of course).



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