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From: lew@teleport.com (Lew)
Date: Wed Mar 7 02:12:40 2001
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Is the Frequency in Use?
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       My Oxford American dictionary describes a contest as 1) a struggle
for superiority or victory 2) a competition, a test of skill or ability
etc. between rivals.
       The question of who owns the frequency is defined mainly by who is
making the most use out of it and minorly by the contesting mores and
customs of the combatants. The purpose of the contest is to maximize
points. If someone descends upon the frequency I'm employing my struggle
intensifies. If I continue to make points I stay on the frequency. If my
rate goes away, then I must try some other way to get back to making
points. If I allow my emotions or sense of "being wronged" to keep me on
a frequency where my rate is poor, then my rival is displaying better
skills or abilities and I will do more poorly than I would have otherwise.
       If I discover a "clear frequency" and put it to use..and
subsequently a rival informs me that the frequency is already in use, I
simply continue to maximize my score. The issue will become quite clear
in a short time as to who is struggling superiorly and who is not. If 1
combatant moves due to cunning, guile, bribes, threats, etc. etc. rather
than letting the physics of propagation and the response thereof dictate
who "owns the frequency" then the beguiler has successfully displayed a
wider range of abilities that helps him/her in their quest for superiority.
       Do feelings get hurt? Why of course! It also touches on just how
much anarchy a combatant can tolerate....and just how much of a struggle
a contester can put up with...which often depends on the seriousness of
the contester's intent: Just handing out a few Q's vs setting a new
intergalactic record. Other factors also intrude such as propagation,
QTH envy, current state of insomniacal intoxication, prior dealings with
the rival, recent fights with your spouse, etc. etc. etc.
        A basketball game serves as an apt example. I know the other
player will probably make some baskets (A K1 running Euros at 300/hr)
and will keep his hand in my face( adjacent QRM) and might even foul me(
Hey..Lid, you're on my frequency..!!!) My goal is to make more baskets
and not let the non called fouls distract me from making more points
than him/her. By keeping focused on making the highest score at the end
of the game, the strategy for the start and middle part of the game is
       Sometimes a quick QSY is appropriate and sometimes a series of
short calls is appropriate in a frequency fight. It depends on my
abilities and judgment of the situation, not on what the rival is doing.
I know what the rival is doing! Its my response that determines how
quickly I can get the points flowing back into my column is what's
        Just a few late night thoughts from W7 land.
        73 and I remain,
        Dr. Big Gun    w7ew/w7at
        Honored Holder of the Rasheed Wallace Contesting Chair
        The Boring Amateur Radio Club

note: The above ramblings may in no way reflect the actual views of that
august radio club...The Boring Amateur Radio Club.

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