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[CQ-Contest] clicks and other things

Subject: [CQ-Contest] clicks and other things
From: Jan.E.Holm@telia.se (Jan.E.Holm@telia.se)
Date: Fri Mar 9 08:43:32 2001
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  Well, I don´t think we can blame the receivers, sure sometimes
  but I mean generaly speaking as far as I see it it´s a transmitter
  problem. I have used many different receivers, new and old, to
  check these clicking signals.
  Most radios do click, some more then others, Yaesu boxes
  might be the worse offenders, also most radios will click on the
  break side, that is too fast "fall" time or whatever it´s called.
  Most radios also do splatter more and more on SSB, IMD
  performance is a lot worse compared to radios made back in
  the seventies. This is nothing but hard facts that can and has
  been verified by many different people thru the years.
  Now, what I would like to see is hints and info how to modify these
  bad radios to get better, so far I´ve seen almost nothing.
  Also, during the last ARRL CW I noticed a lot of spurs outside
  the band. Stations transmitting at the low end of 21 MHz had
  spurs between 20.990 - 21.000. Signals in band wasn´t stronger
  then S-9 + 30dB and as far as I could find out it wasn´t a
  receiver problem at my end, spurs where around S-2 - S-4 so
  not strong ofcours. You might also have this "in band" but ofcourse
  hard to detect due to all "real" signal.
  I wounder if someone has noticed anything like this?

  73, Jim SM2EKM

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