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[CQ-Contest] WI QSO Party this weekend

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WI QSO Party this weekend
From: jhfitzpa@facstaff.wisc.edu (James H. Fitzpatrick, Jr.)
Date: Fri Mar 9 19:50:16 2001
Just a reminder, this Sunday is the Wisconsin QSO Party. It runs from 1800Z
Sun 11 Mar til 0100Z Mon 12 Mar, basically 7 hours mostly on Sunday
afternoon for the US. Get on and give the deserving boys and girls a few
QSOs. This contest traditionally has many mobile stations, and there's a
good chance that all of Wisconsin's 72 counties will be activated at
sometime during the test. DX stations are welcome. I always work a few every
time. This is a good chance to get some of the rarer counties for that
elusive Worked All Counties Award you've been working on for the last 50
years.  160 thru 2 meters, SSB, CW and FM on VHF. Exchange is report/state
or county. Full rules, forms, scoring details, and a map of Wisconsin
counties at the West Allis Radio Amateur Club (WARAC) web site


I am not a member of warac, nor do I have any official connection to running
this contest. Do not send me inquiries or logs. I am just trying to drum up
some activity.

See you in the tests. Vy 73


WI9WI (That's WIsconsin nine WIsconsin)

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