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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: robert.n.shapiro@att.net (Rob Shapiro - ND3A)
Date: Sat Mar 10 06:48:26 2001
Ken and John, I first wish to note that I have high regards for your
station and the skills of the personnel that tend to operate there, but in
this situation, I believe you are both wrong.  John, you said that 45-60
seconds is a reasonable window to contact another station on another
frequency while still being able to lay claim to the original frequency.
What about 60-75 seconds?  Two minutes?  Where do you draw the line?  I
realize you said there's no cookbook answer but I'd say there is one.  By
contacting that other station, you have vacated the first one.  If someone
can lay claim to the first frequency by first asking if the frequency is in
use (with respect to persons who don't believe in doing that), receive no
responses, then begin calling CQ, it's that person's frequency, whether or
not they receive any responses to those CQs.  No timeframe is stated here,
just a process.

Ken, my response was prompted a bit more by your response than John's.
Please correct me if I'm wrong ( I am far from perfect!) but you seem to be
implying that any station could be using a frequency and a second station
with better propogation, equipment, etc. could jump in at some point and
begin to use the frequency without any regard to the first station.  It
then is up to the "good" ops to decide what to do.  IMHO, with that
situation, there is one op and one lid.  I know that things can get a bit
hectic during a contest, people's adrenaline get going, but even though
certain situations may not be stated in rules regarding the handling of
them, ethics certainly need to play a role in participating in a well
fought contest.

John, I realize you mention this was not a SO2R situation.  The situation
applies if you have just one radio or if you're fortunate to be at a M/M
with separate run and S&P stations for each band.  I know when I'm at
W3LPL's, and the run station is CQ'ing/running and the S&P station comes
across a station to contact, we try to shorten the time as much as possible
that the run station is silent.  In fact, in between the times the S&P
station is making a call or within a QSO, the run station will throw out a
quick W3LPL or QRX to keep the run frequency.  But once in a while, we
actually lose a freq and need to find a new one.  Better that than to let
the rate dip in a frequency fight and more importantly, operate in an
ethical manner.

73, Rob - ND3A

At 10:51 AM 3/6/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >As the owner of the station in question I will make a (rare) submission to
 >the reflector.
 >There are not enough channels and there are no "frequency rights."  There is
 >almost always someone on every frequency, whether you can hear them of not.
 >Pick a frequency for best rate. If K3LR or K1AR is also on that channel (or
 >just shows up), your rate may not be optimized. The good op knows when to
 >fight and when to fold, it's part of the game.
 >Ken K1EA
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 >Subject:      [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
 >Well, I'll step up here considering no one else seems willing to mention
 >real calls/names. The incident with N2MG involved myself while operating on
 >10M. I had the good fortune to have two needed multipliers call me which I
 >managed to successfully pass to 15M.
 >Now, I agree about the concern over the frequency ownership issue raised by
 >several guys on here. In this case (and correct me if I'm wrong), I believe
 >the passes probably took about 45-60 seconds each. That is, in my view,
 >within a reasonable window to say you're still using a run frequency.
 >Naturally, that can be debated at great length as it already has been on
 >this channel.
 >The point in my on-air comment to Mike was simply that instead of trying to
 >have the debate in the heat of battle, he would be better off finding his
 >own frequency and focussing on passing guys himself as appropriate.
 >Obviously that's a one-sided view but, right or wrong,  seems to be a
 >regular practice by most operators.
 >BTW, for the record, I was not operating with two radios this weekend. But,
 >a fair point has been raised here about how long a frequency is legitimately
 >yours when you choose to vacate it for any reason. I submit to the
 >contesting court that there's no cookbook answer to that one.
 >73 John, K1AR
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