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[CQ-Contest] More Click, Click, Click

Subject: [CQ-Contest] More Click, Click, Click
From: n5ul@wtaccess.com (Charles W. Shaw)
Date: Sun Mar 11 03:55:46 2001
Hello All,

        Around 0100z Sunday, after a session on 15M CW chasing 5U3T, I got a 
note from Garry, NI6T, pointing out that I "have quite noticeable clicks
here in California. Pretty severe, actually."  I replied with a thank-you
note and said that I would look into the problem.
        I also told Garry that at the time I was using my Ten-Tec Omni VI 
at 100W into a wire Delta Loop with the top at about 50 feet.  Of course, I
was working split VFO's.  After some checking locally soon, I expect that
this radio will be in for a trip to Sevierville so that Scott's backroom
people can check it thoroughly.  Test equipment needed for this type work
is not available to me locally.
        The point of this note is:  We should never assume--even based upon ANY
specific brand name--that everything is right with the rest of the world!
Also, in the future, if you hear N5UL with any kind of poor signal; tell me
ASAP--during the contest if you will.
        Thanks for reading.

Charles Shaw, N5UL
Hobbs, NM

P.S.  I did work the 5U ok.

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