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[CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue

Subject: [CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue
From: ei8ic@eircom.net (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Sun Mar 11 10:00:52 2001
Hi Henry - I am interested to know just why you make these regular postings
to the reflector ?
Are you financially involved  with the company that prints them ?
Do you hope that by seeing the contents, more people will buy them ?
As a low budget kind of a person, I can't afford to subscribe to all the
mags I'd like to, so your posts just leave me feeling curious but fed-up !
I wish someone would put some of the back numbers on the web for all around
the world without good reference libraries to see. Might stop people
re-inventing the wheel.

No criticism to you, Henry, just curious, that's all.

Tim EI8IC.

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue

 > Is the reflector in use?....
 > ...'click'...
 > IS the reflector IN USE!??.....
 > ...'click'...
 > We interupt this discussion of clicks and frequency battles to bring you
 > of something more objective...antennas.
 > Just got the March/April issue of QEX (& Communications Quarterly).  For
 > those who may be thinking of what to do about new antennas this Summer,
 > are a few things in this issue that may be of interest.
 >   First, there is "The Rectangle Family of Antennas, Part 1, The
 > Rectangle", a discussion of 4-sided loops, considering their resistance,
 > gain, and bandwidth relative to frequency, shape, and conductors.
 > Second, there is "The Quad Antenna Revisited, Part 4, Effects of Ground on
 > Quad Loops", a discussion of how high it must be to provide the desired DX
 > fireworks.
 > And third, the RF column has two items: Making Off-Center Fed Dipoles Work
 > and Homebrew 1:1 and 4:1 Isolators.
 > And, if you are wondering what else is inside....
 > The ATR-2000, a Homemade High-Performance HF Transceiver, Part 3
 > PTC, Perceptual Transform Coding for Bandwidth Reduction of Speech in the
 > Analog Domain, Part 2
 > Beyond Fractional-N, Part 1
 > A Compensated, Modualr RF Voltmeter
 > OK, now back to the discussions....(of which I have enjoyed greatly)
 > 73 & High Rates,
 > Henry Pollock - K4TMC
 > Raleigh, NC
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