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[CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue

Subject: [CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue
From: trey@kkn.net (Trey Garlough)
Date: Sun Mar 11 09:44:30 2001
 > Hi Henry - I am interested to know just why you make these regular postings
 > to the reflector ?
 > Are you financially involved  with the company that prints them ?
 > Do you hope that by seeing the contents, more people will buy them ?
 > As a low budget kind of a person, I can't afford to subscribe to all the
 > mags I'd like to, so your posts just leave me feeling curious but fed-up !
 > I wish someone would put some of the back numbers on the web for all around
 > the world without good reference libraries to see. Might stop people
 > re-inventing the wheel.
 > No criticism to you, Henry, just curious, that's all.

Henry has been posting his monthly magazine recap for quite a few
years now, and ever since he began I have noticed that we no longer
get 2-3 postings/month from people saying, "I still haven't gotten my
CQ/QST/NCJ/QEX yet this month -- has anyone else gotten theirs?"

IMHO, this is an improvement.

--Trey, N5KO

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