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[CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue

Subject: [CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue
From: ei8ic@eircom.net (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Mon Mar 12 08:02:57 2001
Thanks for the reply, Henry - you explained yourself with great clarity. It
makes a change to see such a well thought out response. I appreciate it.

Tim, EI8IC

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] March/April QEX issue

 > Hi Tim,
 > Thanks for the response to the posting.  I'll provide an answer below
 > each question.
 > You wrote:
 > "I am interested to know just why you make these regular postings to the
 > reflector?"
 > To stimulate discussion of contest-related articles in the magazines.
 > all contesters do not get all of the magazines.  So, this was a way I
 > that everyone could at least know what is being published here in the US.
 > "Are you financially involved  with the company that prints them ?"
 > No.  I do not have any connections with any of the magazines, or printers,
 > other than being a Life Member of ARRL and having written one article for
 > "Do you hope that by seeing the contents, more people will buy them ?"
 > Yes, but not for any direct benefit to me or anyone I know personnally.
 > These magazine basically stay in business due to the advertising income
 > can make, which is based on the number of magazine copies sold.  Since ham
 > radio equipment is not advertised on the broadcast radio, TV, or in the
 > newspaper, these ham mags are the only means of manufacturers getting
 > product known by the ham operators.  And for these manufacturers to stay
 > business, hams have to buy the equipment they see advertised.  Now, the
 > internet is changing this somewhat.  You can go to the manufacturer's web
 > site for their latest on new equipment.  Plus, there is a lot of good
 > information on the reflectors and individual ham web pages.  And, just
 > recently, some of the magazines (CQ and CQ Contest) have started posting a
 > summary of the upcoming issue, or the actual contents page, on their own
 > pages.
 > "As a low budget kind of a person, I can't afford to subscribe to all the
 > mags I'd like to, so your posts just leave me feeling curious but fed-up
 > Yes, I understand.  That is one of the reasons why I started these
 > There was a lot of good information being published and it appeared that
 > everyone was not aware.  I made the financial decision to subscribe to the
 > ones for which I do postings, hoping to at least let others know what they
 > are missing.  Then they can make the financial decision as to which
 > to subscribe.  And yes, I'm a low budget person also.  Even though I have
 > recently obtained a FT1000MP (used), I have two 10-year old cars, build
 > of my own antennas and some shack accessories.
 > "I wish someone would put some of the back numbers on the web for all
 > the world without good reference libraries to see. Might stop people
 > re-inventing the wheel."
 > Yes, that would be nice; however, the magazines consider their information
 > copyrighted.  So, this will probably not happen anytime soon, especially
 > after seeing the situation over here with the Napster web site, where the
 > latest popular music was available free for downloading.  The only other
 > option is to buy the magazines back issues which are just now becoming
 > available on CD-ROMs (QST, NCJ, QEX).
 > "No criticism to you, Henry, just curious, that's all."
 > I understand, no offense taken.  I enjoy the chance to re-assess what I am
 > doing.
 > 73,
 > Henry - K4TMC

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